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WW1 memorial - Norway St Olav's Church

Monument: WW1 memorial - Norway


To the memory of 2101 seamen who staked and gave their lives under the flag of Norway in the great war, 1914 - 1918.
In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die. Wis III.2.

Erected by the shipowners of Norway

The quotation comes from one of the apocrypha, the Wisdom of Solomon, 3.2. 

The south face of this monument fronts the road and the inscription is in English. The north face is inside the garden and the inscription is repeated there in Norwegian.

Site: St Olav's Church (8 memorials)

SE16, St Olav's Square

St Olav's Church was designed by John Love Seaton Dahl. Crown Prince Olav was present at the laying of the foundation stone, 1926, and then at the consecration, 1927. During WW2 this was the church used by King Haakon VII and the Norwegian government in exile. It is one of over 30 churches around the world run by the Norwegian Church Abroad, also known as The Norwegian Seamen’s Church.

Serendipitously the Google Streetview of September 2017 captured the Haakon bust covered with a veil, presumably just hours before the photo captured here.

The Ebenezer Church plaque is in the garden in front of the church in the centre of the northern wall.

The Fallen plaque is laid into the ground of the garden, at the foot of the WW1 memorial.

The three 'St Olav' plaques are attached low on the west front of the building.

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WW1 memorial - Norway

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Norwegian seamen who died in WW1

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WW1 memorial - Norway

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WW1 memorial - Norway

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