Copyright Policy


London Remembers is a non-commercial, research-led educational website. We research, document and illustrate memorials in London, to enable everyone to use the resource appropriately for their own non-commercial educational and research purposes. Where we cannot provide an image ourselves we have used one found elsewhere, in each case gratefully citing the source website. 

We reproduce these materials under sections 29 and 32 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, permitting use for non-commercial research and for non-commercial education. Wherever possible and reasonably practicable, acknowledgement and attribution is paid to the original author of the work and to the original source of publication. We make all reasonable efforts to acknowledge the author but sometimes it’s not possible so if you know the author please let us know.

If you are the owner of any material that remains in copyright, and you consider that our use of the material does not fall within the scope of the copyright exceptions referenced above, or is not otherwise lawful, then please contact us and specify the image so that we can correct the citation, remove the image altogether or address any other concerns you may have. 

In 2024 our system changed and it’s possible that, despite our best efforts, some images that are not ours are captioned as our copyright.  If your image is mislabelled in any way please let us know and we will correct it immediately.


Copyright User

For helping us better understand our position regarding copyright we are extremely grateful to Copyright User, particularly Bartolomeo Meletti.  Copyright User was the only source we found to clearly explain what is a very complex topic.  It looks at copyright from the perspective of the users of material, leaving us confident that we now understand the various copyright exceptions and, importantly, how they apply to London Remembers.


Use of our Material

We are generally happy for you to use excerpts of our work - i.e. the images and text we produced for this website - in non-commercial publications (on-line or otherwise) on condition that you acknowledge the source of the work as being "" and that you let us know about your use. With regard to the material and images sourced from other websites and made available on under copyright exceptions, in no way are we authorising, whether expressly or impliedly, the subsequent re-use of this material by any member of the public or any other third parties. If you wish to make use of any part of this material, it is your responsibility to determine whether copyright and any other permissions are required.