Sir Archibald McIndoe
Priory of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
Frieze of Parnassus - Flaxman
Eton Manor - WW2
Princess Alice Disaster - memorial
Hackney Empire pavement plaque - Sir Oswald Stoll
Westminster Hall - Churchill
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About Us

Accuracy on maps

Over the years we have got quite nerdy about positioning the pins. We do our best to skewer the exact right house and take great pleasure in plopping the pins, pigeon-like, on heads of statues. However, we've learnt that the maps themselves, understandably, can be out by as much as a few feet, to the extent that, on a new version of the maps, our pins can find themselves on the wrong side of the street, or in the middle of the house next door.

There's not much we can do about this. If you find a pin with a position which exceeds this margin of error please let us know - even nerds make mistakes.