If you help us we will give you credit (unless you'd rather be anonymous). People who have helped by finding memorials, providing photos, text, etc.:

  • Bob Baker (4/2/1943 - 24/10/2004)
  • Nicholas Baldwin
  • M. Beer
  • Andrew Behan (our genealogy consultant)
  • Franklin Bishop
  • Trevor Blake (our American consultant)
  • Matt Brown
  • Ross Corben
  • Jamie Davis
  • Jane Davis 
  • Beverley Duguid
  • Nigel Hall
  • Jean Hayes
  • David Hopkins (Latin and Welsh consultant)
  • Tony Jauncey
  • Rosemary Jeffreys (Latin translations)
  • Alan Patient
  • Isabel Raphael
  • Tina Rickward
  • Cathy Surowiec (Italian translations)
  • Tony Tugnutt
  • Erin Vance
  • Margaret Wright
  • Museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers
  • Network Rail

Alan Patient deserves special mention as he has contributed so many entries.  He also has his own site, Plaques of London, so we can believe him when he says that he loves London and is still amazed to discover new things every time he goes out.

And a big thank you to Andrew Behan who has put his knowledge of genealogical research to extensive use, providing us with the lives of many of the people on our pages.

For some of the statues we found Margaret Baker’s slim book ‘London statues and monuments’ (Shire, 2002) very helpful.

The pictures of the subjects have been collected from other websites and we have in each case cited the source website.

Credits go both ways. If you use any of our material please let us know. We are happy for you to use any of our work in a non-commercial publication (on-line or otherwise) on condition that you acknowledge the source of the work as being "".  If you want to use our work in a commercial publication (on-line or otherwise) then please contact us. We will probably agree, with the same condition of acknowledgement. This is the "Attribution-noncommercial" copyright defined at Creative Commons.

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