Included / excluded

Gathering material for this website entailed setting some guidelines defining what to include and what to exclude. For those visitors interested, here they are, but as they are only guidelines, each one has probably been broken at least once. It's our website - we're allowed.

  • Burial grounds, churches, and all such religious buildings have been excluded from our researches. Each one of them probably merits a website in its own right. Communal war monuments spotted in church grounds have however been included.
  • We've only actively collected memorials that are on public view.
  • Foundation stones are not normally included. Boring local councillors can't get on our website just by laying a dull foundation stone for a non-descript building.
  • Non-commemorative statues - Lovely though some of these are, life is too short to include these in this website, so the rule is: only memorials.
  • Many London pubs have plaques, erected by the brewery, giving some information about the local history, often colourful but erected for commercial purposes so of doubtful veracity.  These are generally excluded.
  • What is our definition of London?   In ‘The Soul of London’ 1905, Ford Madox Ford wrote: “England is a small island, the world is infinitesimal amongst the planets.  But London is illimitable.”   In this spirit we include a few memorials on other continents, but they are without question London memorials.  Our efforts are primarily concentrated within the north / south circular roads.