St Dunstans -  Lord Northcliffe
Joseph Losey
Last V2 rocket in Kingston upon Thames
Donald Pleasence
Earl Roberts
Edward VII Galleries, British Museum
Royal Hospital School
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About Us

Do we need your help?

By now you either think we are crazy to be doing this or you're fascinated and would love to help. In the past we have thought we’d like an army of volunteers doing all the desk research, leaving us free to get out on the streets and do what we really enjoy – finding the memorials and in the process getting to know this cranky old city. But organising people, teaching the system, the house style, etc, it all takes time, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it's best for us to do the whole job. But if you can provide information for any of the war dead about whom we know nothing then we would be delighted. Pictures especially welcome.  We are also always pleased to receive corrections.  Try as we might, errors do slip in so if you spot any we'd really appreciate being told.