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Beckenham Auxiliary firemen


In memory of thirty Beckenham auxiliary firemen who died as a result of enemy action in 1941.
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AFS Beckenham

Those killed at Old Palace School are also commemorated (not by name) on a plaque at the site of the original school, although this gives the date as 19th April 1941. The website Firemen Remembered says the attack took place on the night of 19/20th April, and times the explosion at shortly after 1.30 a.m.

The firemen killed in the air-raid at Plaistow Road are also commemorated on a plaque near to the site of the attack.

Our colleague Andrew Behan reports that the date of the April incident/deaths shown on the plaque is incorrect. Whilst the 16 April 1941 is listed as the date in the Firefighters Memorial Trust records, all other records, such as Probate, UK WWII Civilian Deaths 1939-1945, FindaGrave and the George Medal recommendation give the incident date as 17 April 1941. The plaque has mispelt Healey's surname. Also Fireman Maynard did not die from his injuries until 9 November 1941 as recorded on his gravestone. See David J. Chalmers for more details of the event.

Site: Beckenham Auxiliary firemen (1 memorial)

BR3, Beckenham Road, 8, Beckenham Fire Station

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Beckenham Auxiliary firemen

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Beckenham Auxiliary firemen

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