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Winston Churchill

Person  Male  Born 30/11/1874  Died 24/1/1965

Prime Minister 1940 - 45 and 1951 - 55. Born Blenheim Palace, near Woodstock, Oxford, into an aristocratic family. His father was the son of the Duke of Marlborough, and his mother was born in Brooklyn, New York as Jeanette Jerome, daughter of an American millionaire businessman. Winston married Clementine. Good friend of the film-maker Sir Alexander Korda.

2019: Londonist have photos of Churchill's bachelor pad at 105 Mount Street where he lived 1900- 05.

The statue in Washington DC has one foot on American soil and one on British Embassy grounds, symbolising his dual British-American ancestry and his work towards the maintenance of the Anglo-American alliance.

2020: The Black Lives Matter protests have called for the removal of statues of Churchill on the grounds that he was a racist. There seems little doubt that he considered white people superior and had little sympathy with the indigenous peoples of America and Australia. One specific incident is often raised: during the war he redirected wheat, destined for India, to be stockpiled for European consumption, thus causing a disastrous famine in which 3 million Bengal people died.

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Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

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