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11 Group Operations Room 11 Group Operations Room

Monument: 11 Group Operations Room

Erection date: 22/4/1958


{The text on the badge reads:}
11 Group Headquarters
Tutela Cordis {the group's Latin motto, Defence of the heart}

{Below the badge:}
No. 11 Fighter Group Royal Air Force Operations Room, 1939 - 1946. Beneath this stone is the site of the underground operations room from which the greater part of the Hurricane & Spitfire Squadrons were controlled during the Battle of Britain.

During this epic battle these squadrons shot down over 1300 of the 1733 enemy aircraft destroyed.

This great achievement contributed largely to our ultimate success and survival and inspired Sir Winston Churchill's now famous words 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.'

Unveiled by Lord Dowding.

Site: 11 Group Operations Room (1 memorial)

UB10, RAF Uxbridge

That's not a low flying aircraft in our picture - we wouldn't have been calmly taking pictures if it were. The squat building behind the monument houses the stairs which lead down to the Ops Room and a quite extensive museum of the RAF in WW2. Above ground are a few stationary aircraft, including this Spitfire.

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11 Group Operations Room

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11 Group Operations Room

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