Six clasped hands and a golden ball

St Matthias Church House Six clasped hands and a golden ball

Under the gable is a relief showing a surreal image: three arms each with a hand at both ends, with the six hands clasped in such as way as to form a triangular repository for a golden ball.

All six hands are right hands and all claspings are the same: with only the middle three fingers being inside the grip. This and the triangle shape suggest a possible reference to the Holy Trinity.

Site: St Matthias Church House (2 memorials)

E1, Chilton Street, 52, St. Matthias Church House

The building was designed by William Reddall, 1887-9. A London Inheritance has researched this street and confirms that St Matthias church used to sit opposite this building, certainly during 1883 - 1940. Perhaps it was lost in WW2.

The little hand sculpture (which we might describe as a relief, were we not very careful) is within the gable above the third floor and, to us, is a complete mystery.

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Six clasped hands and a golden ball

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St Matthias Church House

The names on this plaque are difficult to read so take our transcription as t...

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