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St Matthias Church House St Matthias Church House

Plaque: St Matthias Church House

Erection date: 20/4/1887


This stone was laid by Her Royal Highness Princess Christian on Wednesday April 20 1887, being the fiftieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria.
Rev. F. W. Briggs MA
T. N. Day, T. Newcomb: Churchwardens
W. Reddall & Co: Architect
Killby and Gayford: Builders

The names on this plaque are difficult to read so take our transcription as tentative.

Site: St Matthias Church House (2 memorials)

E1, Chilton Street, 52, St. Matthias Church House

The building was designed by William Reddall, 1887-9. A London Inheritance has researched this street and confirms that St Matthias church used to sit opposite this building, certainly during 1883 - 1940. Perhaps it was lost in WW2.

The little hand sculpture (which we might describe as a relief, were we not very careful) is within the gable above the third floor and, to us, is a complete mystery.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
St Matthias Church House

Information Subjects commemorated

Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria

The fiftieth anniversary of the accession of Queen Victoria was celebrated on...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
St Matthias Church House

Information Created by

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Killby & Gayford

This company, reportedly 150 years old, had remodelled No 10 Downing Street a...

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William Reddall

Architect of 10, South Street, Finsbury. Was an Associate of the Royal Instit...

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Rev. F. W. Briggs

1841 an assistant chaplain in Madras, India. Vicar at St Matthias from at lea...

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Princess (Helena) Christian

Born Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria. Married Prince (Frederick) ...

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T. N. Day

Co-churchwarden of St. Matthias Church, E1, in 1887.

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St Matthias Church House

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Six clasped hands and a golden ball

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