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Niblett Pegasus Church Court

Relief: Niblett Pegasus


The Niblett Pegasus used to adorn the entrance to Niblett Hall, constructed in 1932 behind 3 North King's Bench Walk to house lecture halls and meeting rooms. On the Hall's demolition in 1992 the Pegasus was resited here.

Niblett Hall was replaced with Littleton Building in 1994.

Site: Church Court (4 memorials)

EC4, Inner Temple

On the ground of this court two circles are marked out in the flags, one has the column at the centre, the other is centred on the Lamb Building plaque. This court was formerly the cloister courtyard of the monastery of the Knights Templar.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Niblett Pegasus

Information Subjects commemorated

Niblett Hall

Funded by William Niblett, Niblett Hall was built in 1932, survived WW2, but ...

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This section lists the other memorials at the same location as the memorial on this page:
Niblett Pegasus

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Knights Templar, Great Fire & Millennium

A nearby information board gives: The column in this court was erected and d...

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Lamb Building

Lamb Building stood here. Built in 1667, destroyed by enemy action 11th May ...

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William Charles Niblett

The date of birth given on the plaque, 1856, is wrong. Niblett was born in 1851.

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