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Gerard Manley Hopkins - E15 Gerard Manley Hopkins - E15

Monument: Gerard Manley Hopkins - E15

Erection date: 28/7/1994


Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet, born 28th July 1844, died 8th June 1889, was born and lived at 87 The Grove Stratford near this site until 1851/2.

'Loathed for a love men knew in them,
Banned by the land of their birth,
Rhine refused them. Thames would ruin them;
Surf, snow, river and earth
Gnashed: but thou art above, thou Orion of light.'

From: Stanza 21 'The Wreck of the Deutschland' 

The Telegraph reported the erection of this plaque and explains the Stratford connection of the 'Wreck of the Deutschland'. Seamus Heaney unveiled the plaque and performed at a poetry reading later in Stratford Town Hall as part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Hopkin's birth.

Site: Gerard Manley Hopkins - E15 (1 memorial)

E15, The Grove

December 2011 - metal commodity prices at a high and the theft of memorial plaques has become a common occurrence, which probably explains the sorry state of this memorial - sans plaque. We are indebted to Sludgegulper for the 2008 picture of the plaque. 2015: Richard Durack tells is that the plaque was replaced in 2012 before the start of the London Olympics.

Hopkins's birth-place, a substantial Victorian house, was bombed in WW2 and later pulled down.

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Gerard Manley Hopkins - E15

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Gerard Manley Hopkins

Poet and Jesuit priest. Born 87 The Grove, Stratford, of Welsh ancestry. 1852...

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