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The Trafalgar Way

Place  From 4/11/1805  To 6/11/1805

Categories: Armed Forces, Transport

The route used to carry news of the Battle of Trafalgar overland from Falmouth to the Admiralty in Whitehall. At the 21 stops to change horses, plaques similar to the one in Whitehall have been erected. Other plaques have also been erected, mostly on the route to commemorate local people who fought at Trafalgar. Our picture shows one at Sticklepath in Devon, not on the route at all, but it's got a lovely mural as well.

Lapenotiere landed at Falmouth on Monday 4 November 1805 and set out "express by post-chaise" for London, following what is now The Trafalgar Way. He took some 37 hours to cover the 271 mile journey, changing horses 21 times, at a total cost of £46 19s 1d.

He arrived at the Admiralty at 1am and delivered his dispatches to Secretary of the Admiralty, William Marsden, who, what, just happened to be working late? We have our suspicions that the news had somehow got ahead of Lapenotiere and that Marsden was expecting him.

The Trafalgar Way was commemorated in the centennary year with plaques along the route.

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The Trafalgar Way

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