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Mercers' Company


Records go back to 1348. From the Guild‘s website: "In its widest sense mercery could describe all merchandise, although in London the term evolved to mean the trade specifically in luxury fabrics, such as silk, linen, hemp-cloth and fustian, and in a large variety of miscellaneous 'piece goods' such as bedding, headwear, ribbons, laces and purses."

At Queen's Theatre you can see a Mercers' maiden. This is the symbol of the Mercers' Company and was used to mark their property. It can be seen on various buildings across London. Richard R gives more information.

This section lists the memorials where the subject on this page is commemorated:
Mercers' Company

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Coburg Dwellings

Coburg Dwelllings This block was built by the Mercers Company in 1904. It was...

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Mercers’ Maiden

Discovering London suggests that this might be the oldest inscription in London.

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Widening Long Acre

Eight feet of ground from the stone of this house were given by the Mercers' ...

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