Mercers’ Maiden

Erection date: 2004


{In the top left and right corners:}
16 69

{On a modern plaque below:}
The Mercers’ Maiden
The Mercers’ Maiden is the symbol and coat of arms of the Mercers’ Company and adorns the exterior walls of buildings on sites belonging to the Company.
The above stone is the earliest surviving Maiden property mark dating from 1669. It was reinstated on this site during redevelopment works by USS Ltd, completed in 2004.

Discovering London suggests that this might be the oldest inscription in London.

Site: Mercers’ Maiden (1 memorial)

EC3, Corbet Court

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Mercers’ Maiden

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Mercers' Company

Records go back to 1348. From the Guild‘s website: "In its widest sense merce...

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Mercers’ Maiden

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