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Henry Budd

Henry Budd

Person  Male  Born 1787  Died 10/1/1862

Categories: Property

Property speculator and investor, and builder of the Budd mausoleum. Youngest son of Richard Budd, Married Charlotte Swain in Brighton in 1805. Bought several properties in Brighton after Richards Budd's death. Also purchased Pepper Park in Berkshire and the mansion and pleasure grounds named Twickenham Park in the late 1830's. The main London home was 35 Russell Square. Children surviving into adulthood included: Richard, Charlotte, William (b. 1811), Edward (b. 1812) and Emmeline.

Died at 54 Piccadilly. One of the conditions of his will was that the mausoleum be maintained by his 2 surviving sons, William and Edward, at their own expense throughout their lifetime. Another condition was that if they grew moustaches they would forfeit significant parts of their share of the inheritance, to their brother. We wonder if Henry allowed for the possibility of the brothers entering into a pact to simultaneously grow upper lip adornments?

Information from Twickenham Park.

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Henry Budd

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