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Free French Forces

Group  From 18/6/1940 

Categories: Armed Forces

Countries: France

Formed, in concept at least, on 18 June 1940 in de Gaulle's 'Appeal of 18 June' speech. Free French units operated as auxiliary forces to the British Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Air Force, the Soviet Air Force, and the British SAS. Later larger Free French units operated, directly under the control of the French government in exile.

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Free French Forces

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Charles de Gaulle and the Free French

See Musee de la Resistance for more information on this memorial (in French).

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Charles de Gaulle - NW3

De Gaulle lived here with his family, September 1942-44 (though these dates v...

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de Gaulle

In 1940, after briefly being in Mayfair and Victoria, de Gaulle moved here wi...

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Free French Naval Forces

Thanks go to our French consultant, John Hartley, for the translation. We be...

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Free French plaque

Alamy have a photo of the unveiling.

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