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Free French Naval Forces Free French Naval Forces

Plaque: Free French Naval Forces


La vague ne détruit pas le granit. Vous, les marins de la France Libre, ce que vous avez fait pour la France en poursuivant la lutte sur la mer, envers et contre tout, dans le plus grand drame de notre histoire, rien, ni le temps, ni les passions ne l'effaceront jamais. Je vous salue, mes camarades!
Charles de Gaulle

{Translated from the French:}
Waves do not destroy granite. You, the sailors of Free France, what you have done for France in pursuing the war at sea, against all opposition, in the greatest drama of our history, nothing, neither time nor passions, will ever erase. I salute you, my comrades.
Charles de Gaulle

Thanks go to our French consultant, John Hartley, for the translation. We believe the text comes from a speech made by de Gaulle, after, or towards the end of, the war but we cannot find it documented. 

Site: Free French Naval Forces (1 memorial)

SW1, Stafford Place, Stafford Mansions

During WW2 Stafford Mansions housed the headquarters of the Free French Naval Forces. It is the rather duller building to the left in our photo.

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Free French Naval Forces

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Free French Naval Forces

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