Philip de Laszlo

Erection date: 1978


From 1921 to 1937 here lived and in his adjoining studio worked Philip A. De Laszlo MVO, portrait painter, President of the RBA. Born 1869, died 1937.

Erection date is approximate. Laszlo lived here with his wife and five sons, and died here. In his garden studio here he painted the young Princess Elizabeth (Queen to be), and her parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Plaques like this make one aware of the skill required to create a good plaque.

Site: Philip de Laszlo (1 memorial)

NW3, Fitzjohn's Avenue, 3, Hyme House

During de Lazslo's residence many celebrities came here for their portrait sittings. Following the de Laszlos the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross took over the house, and then the two next door as well, numbers 5 and 7, creating a girls' school which operated until 1985. The house then became a hotel.

In 2009 this house, built in 1886, and the two to the north were demolished, leaving only some facades in place.  2013 - we found this sales website: "De Laszlo House provides just 18 magnificent two, three and four bedroom residences" etc, etc. 


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Philip de Laszlo

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Philip de Laszlo

Painter. Born Budapest.  In 1907 moved to London and stayed, though he often ...

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