Free French plaque

Erection date: 15/6/1957


{On the left hand side of the stone plaque:}
This plaque is erected to commemorate the deeds of men and women of the Free French forces and their British comrades who left from this house on special missions to enemy occupied France and to honour those who did not return.
{and the same in French on the right hand side:}
Cette plaque commémore les exploits des hommes et femmes des forces Française Libres et de leurs camarades Britanniques, partis de cette maison en missions spéciales pour La France occupée par l’ennemi. Elle honore ceux qui n’en sont pas revenus.
1941 - 1944

{Below this is a small brass plaque:}
This plaque was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on the 15th June 1957.

Alamy have a photo of the unveiling.

Site: Free French plaque (1 memorial)

NW1, Dorset Square, 1

The building is now home to Alliance Francaise. Although the IMDb doesn't list it, this address was apparently used in the 1950 film 'Odette' about one of the French operatives who did not return from her last mission.

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Free French plaque

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Free French plaque

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