(lost) Grodzinski's bakery

Grodzinski's bakery & Fieldgate Street Synagogue Grodzinski's bakery

This plaque commemorates the centenary of A. Grodzinski & Co. Ltd. whose original bakery adjoined this site 1888 - 1988.

Site: Grodzinski's bakery & Fieldgate Street Synagogue (2 memorials)

E11, Fieldgate Street, Fieldgate Street Synagogue

The Grodzinski plaque can be seen in our photo just to the right of the 'one way' sign. The synagogue inscription is on the cream upright between the doors.  But a 2015 photo on Spitalfields Life shows that the Grodzinski plaque has been removed (leaving a ghost outline behind).

The synagogue and shop/bakery was bombed on 29 December 1940 and rebuilt reusing materials. The synagogue plaque suggests that this was not completed until 1959.

The new brick walls surrounding this building all belong to the London Muslim Centre.

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Grodzinski's bakery

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Grodzinski's bakery

In 1890 (previously thought to have been 1888) Harris and Judith Grodzinski a...

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Grodzinski's bakery

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Fieldgate Street Synagogue

Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue. Communal centre. This foundation stone was...

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