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Westminster Hall - Simon de Montfort Westminster Hall - 2

Plaque: Westminster Hall - Simon de Montfort

Erection date: 22/6/1965


Queen Elizabeth II here replied to addresses presented by both Houses of Parliament on 22nd June 1965 commemorating the meeting of the Parliament of 1265 to which Simon de Montfort Earl of Leicester caused to be summoned in the name of King Henry III not only prelates, lay magnates, and knights of the shire, but also representatives of cities and boroughs.

Site: Westminster Hall - 2 (6 memorials)

SW1, St Margaret Street, Westminster Hall

Referring to the plaques, as viewed by the people in our photo who are reading them the right way up:
At the left: George V Silver Jubilee;
Middle column, from the top: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond; Queen Elizabeth II Golden; William Wallace; Queen Elizabeth II Silver;
At the right: Simon de Montfort;

and on a lower step, but not visible in our photo: Charles I;

and on the next landing down:
an empty space left by a plaque that has been removed (interesting but we have no information); and Mandela.

This south end of the hall has been through a number of changes. We found images at Living Heritage and Alamy and Explore Parliament.

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Westminster Hall - Simon de Montfort

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King Henry III

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Westminster Hall - Simon de Montfort

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