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Westminster Hall - George V Silver Jubilee Westminster Hall - 2

Plaque: Westminster Hall - George V Silver Jubilee

Erection date: 9/5/1935


King George the Fifth on May 9th 1935 here received and replied to addresses from both Houses of Parliament on the occasion of His Majesty's Silver Jubilee.

Site: Westminster Hall - 2 (6 memorials)

SW1, St Margaret Street, Westminster Hall

Referring to the plaques, as viewed by the people in our photo who are reading them the right way up:
At the left: George V Silver Jubilee;
Middle column, from the top: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond; Queen Elizabeth II Golden; William Wallace; Queen Elizabeth II Silver;
At the right: Simon de Montfort;

and on a lower step, but not visible in our photo: Charles I;

and on the next landing down:
an empty space left by a plaque that has been removed (interesting but we have no information); and Mandela.

This south end of the hall has been through a number of changes. We found images at Living Heritage and Alamy and Explore Parliament.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Westminster Hall - George V Silver Jubilee

Information Subjects commemorated

Silver Jubilee of King George V

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the accession of King George V.

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King George V

Reigned: 1910 - 1936.  Born third in line to the throne, after his father (wh...

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This section lists the other memorials at the same location as the memorial on this page:
Westminster Hall - George V Silver Jubilee

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