Wandsworth Fire Station - wall plaque

Wandsworth Fire Station Wandsworth Fire Station - wall plaque

Erection date: 2004


AFS - London
In memory of six members of the London Auxiliary Fire Service who died on this site as a result of enemy action on the night of 16th/17th November 1940 when the old Wandsworth Fire Station received a direct hit from a high-explosive bomb.

Fm Cecil Robert Andreazzi
Fm William George Brum
Fm Leslie Walter Isaacs
Fm Albert Arthur Turner
Despatch Rider Derek Edward Aust
Company Officer AFS William Beard

© FR 2004

Site: Wandsworth Fire Station (3 memorials)

SW18, West Hill

This memorial originally comprised the two low marble plaques with the display stand between and a rather nice little fountain behind. On the day we visited the fountain was not playing. The plastic terracotta plant pots are a recent unhappy addition. The plaque on the wall behind is also more recent. The glazed stand contains a newspaper article and a report, The Firemens' Stones, produced by the GLC Fire Brigade on the two incidents commemorated on the marble plaques. We wonder how long they pondered before putting the apostrophe in the wrong place. The report starts:

"The memorial stones outside this station were placed here by the Wandsworth Fire Service Old Comrades Association in commemoration of their colleagues who have been killed whilst on duty."

We have transcribed the relevant sections of that report onto the pages with the photos of the two stone plaques.

The right side of the building carries a foundation stone: "London County Council, Fire Brigade Committee, 24th October 1956, Richard Coppock CBE Chairman".

(It might be fixed by the time you look, but at the time of writing (Nov 2011) GoogleMaps map view and satellite view are seriously out of sync in the area around this memorial.)

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Wandsworth Fire Station - wall plaque

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Wandsworth Fire Station - wall plaque

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Wandsworth Fire Station - wall plaque

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