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St Bartholomew's Hospital - Sir William Wallace St Bart's Hospital: Wallace & Marian Martyrs & Peasants' Revolt

Monument: St Bartholomew's Hospital - Sir William Wallace

Erection date: 8/4/1956


To the immortal memory of Sir William Wallace, Scottish patriot, born at Elderslie Renfrewshire circa 1270 AD, who from the year 1296 fought dauntlessly in defence of his country's liberty and independence in the face of fearful odds and great hardship, being eventually betrayed and captured. Brought to London and put to death near this spot on the 23rd August 1305.

His example heroism and devotion inspired those who came after him to win victory from defeat and his memory remains for all time a source of pride, honour and inspiration to his countrymen.

Dico tibi verum libertas optima rerum nunqual servili sub nexu vivito fili.
{Latin: I tell you the truth. Freedom is what is best. Sons, never live life like slaves.}

Bas Agus Buaidh
{An old Scottish battle-cry in Gaelic: Death and Victory}

{Below the memorial there are two small plaques, one of which reads:}
This memorial was placed here by Scots and friends at home and abroad by kind permission of the governors of St. Bartholomew's Hospital and unveiled on 8th April, 1956.

{The other plaque is an advertisement for a publication giving the "history of this memorial". An email address is provided. The glue used to fix this plaque has been spread leaving a vile brown smear. We have never previously seen such an unpleasant, self-serving defacement of a memorial and the least we can do to show our displeasure is not to transcribe it here. The authorities have been informed. Stop Press: the offending plaque was removed shortly after.}

Site: St Bart's Hospital: Wallace & Marian Martyrs & Peasants' Revolt (4 memorials)

EC1, West Smithfield, St Bartholomew's Hospital

The front elevation of this building is very odd, especially at the roof-line. To end up like this it must have an interesting history. The frieze inscription above the pillars must have been installed when the building was enlarged. At ground floor level there are 3 blanked-off window bays, just perfect for memorials, left to right: Peasants' Revolt, Wallace, Marian Martyrs.

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St Bartholomew's Hospital - Sir William Wallace

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St Bartholomew's Hospital - Sir William Wallace

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