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Waltham Forest Town Hall war memorial Waltham Forest Town Hall war memorial

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Monument: Waltham Forest Town Hall war memorial
War Memorial

Erection date: /7/1922


{On the central column:}
Our glorious dead
"Lest we forget"
1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945

{On a small plaque at the base of the column:}
In memory of the fallen of Walthamstow 1945 to present day.

The expression "our glorious dead" suggests that this memorial was raised to the dead in the armed forces only and not to any civilian dead.

Site: Waltham Forest Town Hall war memorial (1 memorial)

E17, Forest Road

The memorial was originally located at Lloyd Park, and moved to its current location in 1961. We're guessing that may have been prompted by some vandalism, given the rather badly reattached head.

History in Pictures has 3 photos of this memorial in the 1920s, draped with flowers, in its original location. These show it to the south-west of the front of what is now the William Morris Gallery. It looks as if it was close to, and accessible from, the pavement and set in a curved bay with railings and a low brick wall to the north, separating it from the grounds of the house, with some white plaques laid into the wall.

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Waltham Forest Town Hall war memorial

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