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Women's Transport Service (FANY)

Women’s Transport Service (FANY) Women's Transport Service (FANY)

{On the main plaque:}
1939 – 1945
In honoured memory of those members of the Women’s Transport Service (FANY) who gave their lives for their King and country.

{a list of 41 names in alphabetical order. See Subjects commemorated for the names.}
{against Bradford:}
in Japan, 7.3.1947

W. T. S. (East Africa)
{a list of 11 names in alphabetical order. See Subjects commemorated for the names.}

Their name liveth for evermore.

 {The crest reads:
in circle:} the Women’s Transport Service FANY 
{on ribbon:} Arduis invictae 

{On a small stone plaque below the main one:}
Odette M. C. Hallowes GC, MBE, L d’H, 28 April 1912 – 13 March 1995, Vice-President of WTS (FANY) 1967 – 1995.
Here she laid violets, transforming into service the pain of her survival.

{On a small stone plaque above the main one:}
1914, E. F. Shaw, CdeG, 1918

We like the bespoke layout of this plaque: the medals, the maiden-name, the "in Japan", all fitted in, one way or another, achieving a pleasing balance.

Site: Women’s Transport Service (FANY) (1 memorial)

SW1, Wilton Place, St Pauls church

The St Pauls website says "In 1900, Lady Randolph Churchill {widow of Lord Randolph Churchill} married Captain George Cornwallis-West and the register today has the signature of the witness, her son Winston.  Services were held throughout the war and even extended to being held in the Knightsbridge tube station. At this time, the vicarage was lent rent-free to FANY (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry) many who served behind enemy lines and included the undercover agent Odette." This is interesting enough but doesn't really explain the connection of FANY to this church.

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Women's Transport Service (FANY)

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