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Sir Henry Bessemer City University - EC1

Plaque: Sir Henry Bessemer


Sir Henry Bessemer FRS, engineer, inventor, born 1813, died 1898, lived in a house previously on this site from 1833. Inventor of the steel production process that contributed to the industrial revolution.

Our visit coincided with a small exhibition about the history of the site. An information panel provided: “Underneath City University of London’s main entrance lie the foundations of 15 Northampton Square, the house where Sir Henry Bessemer resided with his wife from 1833. Bessemer was an inventor, born in Charlton in the early 1800s, whose process for making steel would become one of the most important innovations of the industrial revolution.” “Having inherited his aptitude for invention from his father, at the age of 17 Bessemer moved to London and created a new forgery-proof printing technology for government documents such as property deeds. In 1833 he moved to Northampton Square” “… close to {his} place of business…”

Site: City University - EC1 (3 memorials)

EC1, Northampton Square, City University

The Bessemer plaque is on the pillar to the right, the Baxter plaque is on the wall to the left.

A plaque was erected on the original house, number 11, in 1928. This was demolished in 1967 to make way for the City University but the front door can still be seen in one of Baxter's colour prints "Morning Call", captured here.

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Sir Henry Bessemer

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Sir Henry Bessemer

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