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George Baxter - EC1 City University - EC1

Plaque: George Baxter - EC1


George Baxter, artist, craftsman, born 1804, died 1867, lived in a house previously on this site from 1844 to 1860. A central figure in coloured picture printing.

Site: City University - EC1 (3 memorials)

EC1, Northampton Square, City University

The Bessemer plaque is on the pillar to the right, the Baxter plaque is on the wall to the left.

A plaque was erected on the original house, number 11, in 1928. This was demolished in 1967 to make way for the City University but the front door can still be seen in one of Baxter's colour prints "Morning Call", captured here.

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George Baxter - EC1

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11, Northampton Square

The picture source website points out: The house at which this caller is visi...

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George Baxter

Artist and craftsman. Born Lewes. 1825 moved to London and married his cousin...

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George Baxter - EC1

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