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George Baxter - lost plaque City University - EC1

Plaque (lost): George Baxter - lost plaque

Erection date: 22/9/1928

In May 2017 a small exhibition at City University displayed a copy of a photograph showing “Unveiling of the plaque to commemorate George Baxter, 22nd September 1928”.  Although there is a plaque for Baxter at this site it’s not the one in the photo (which is oblong, not round) so, for us, this is a “lost plaque”. Our image is a close-up of that photo, which shows the plaque being erected on the original building on the site.

Site: City University - EC1 (3 memorials)

EC1, Northampton Square, City University

The Bessemer plaque is on the pillar to the right, the Baxter plaque is on the wall to the left.

A plaque was erected on the original house, number 11, in 1928. This was demolished in 1967 to make way for the City University but the front door can still be seen in one of Baxter's colour prints "Morning Call", captured here.

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George Baxter - lost plaque

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George Baxter - lost plaque

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