(lost) Nelson's Tree

This 1843 picture of the tree, from the Illustrated London News comes from View from the Mirror.

Site: Nelson's Tree (1 memorial)

NW1, Kentish Town Road, Castle Tavern

We learnt of this lost memorial from the excellent View from the Mirror: "The tall sycamore was said to have a direct link with Nelson who, as a 12 year old boy in early 1771, travelled from his native Norfolk to spend time with his uncle, William Suckling {his mother's brother} who lived at Grove Cottage, Kentish Town. Whilst staying in what was then a very rural north London, Nelson is believed to have tended his uncle's garden - which included planting the seed that would eventually blossom into the grand tree upon which his name would be bestowed."

VFM reports an article in the London Illustrated News, June 1846, saying that the neighbouring houses were to be demolished but that the tree, standing close to the southern wall of the Castle Tavern, would be saved. Go there now and all you will see to the south of the pub is the abandoned Kentish Town South tube station, now used as shops. In this photo of the pub in 2010, which comes from PubsHistory, you can see the distinctive oxblood tiles of the underground station building next door.

In fairness we must also report that there was another Nelson's Tree, also lost, according to British History On-line. This one was in Highgate just north of the junction of West Hill and Millfield Lane. It could be that the country is littered with lost Nelson's Trees so we will stop our researches here.

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Nelson's Tree

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Horatio, Lord Nelson

Born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. Naval commander who became a national hero a...

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