Moorgate tube disaster - Finsbury Square

Moorgate tube disaster - Finsbury Square Moorgate tube disaster - Finsbury Square

Erection date: 28/7/2013


Dedicated to the memory of
{a list of 43 people - see Subjects commemorated for the names.}

who died as a result of the Moorgate tube station crash on 28th February 1975 and in tribute to the brave members of the emergency services and survivors - never forgotten.

The motivating force behind this memorial, the first to the tragedy, erected 38 years after the event, was historian and writer Richard Jones.  He had already raised a monument the victims of the 2010 Lockington rail disaster in Yorkshire.

IanVisits has a report of the unveiling ceremony.

Site: Moorgate tube disaster - Finsbury Square (1 memorial)

EC2, Finsbury Square

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Moorgate tube disaster - Finsbury Square

Subjects commemorated Information

Moorgate tube disaster

At Moorgate station a southbound tube train from Drayton Park failed to stop ...

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Jeffrey Benton

Jeffrey David Benton was born on 14 November 1947, the eldest child of Alan D...

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Stanley Boggis

Stanley Ernest Clyde Boggis was born on 27 August 1921. His birth was registe...

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Peter Bradbury

Peter Bradbury was born on 13 April 1951 the son of Jack Bradbury (1912-1972)...

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Anthony Lucius Byczkowski

Anthony Lucius Byczkowski was born on 26 September 1955, the only son of the ...

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