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King John mosaic Sealing of the Magna Carta

Memorial: King John mosaic


{Tranlated from Latin this gives: John, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou.}

The translation is provided by our language consultant, David Hopkins. He points out some abbreviations, Anglicisations and errors but closes with "All good fun!" Probably not a view shared by the schoolboys suffering death-by-Latin.

Site: Sealing of the Magna Carta (2 memorials)

TW20, High Street, Egham

Attached to a boulder to the right of our picture, just behind the grasses, is a plaque reading: "The King John sculpture was commissioned with financial assistance from Procter & Gamble (Health and Beauty Care) Ltd". This boulder also has a recess which must have previously held another plaque, possibly more interesting but we will never know.

The plaque we have transcribed can be seen in our photo behind the passer-by.

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King John mosaic

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King John mosaic

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