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St Dunstans - noticeboards St Dunstans and All Saints, Stepney Green

Memorial: St Dunstans - noticeboards


Past and Present
You are standing on holy ground and in front of an important place of prayer. Over 1000 years ago Saint Dunstan dedicated a church on this site to All Saints. It is the mother church of the East End and, with the ancient port of London nearby, became known as the Church of the High Seas. For this reason the red ensign is still flown from the tower, which also houses ten bells of Stepney mentioned in the nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons'......

These notice boards have been erected in memory of Councillor Ben Holmes, 1916 - 1997, sometime Mayor of Stepney.

We were reading this board and deciding it really was not interesting enough to collect, and then we read the last statement. The boards are placed either side of the entrance and are mainly used for current notices, we have transcribed the only historical section. Reflections in the glass meant we had to photo it at an angle.

Site: St Dunstans and All Saints, Stepney Green (3 memorials)

E1, Stepney High Street

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St Dunstans - noticeboards

Information Subjects commemorated

St Dunstans, Stepney

Records of this church go back to AD 952. Until the 14th century it was the o...

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Councillor Ben Holmes

 Sometime Mayor of Stepney.

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St Dunstans - noticeboards

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