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Dulwich Village stocks Dulwich Village stocks

Memorial: Dulwich Village stocks


It is a sport to a fool to do mischief to thine own wickedness shall correct thee
{This text is repeated on the modern plaque attached to the frame.}

{On the plaque above:}
On or near this site stood the village stocks for the detention of offenders. Part of the engraved stonework of the stocks has been preserved and is here exhibited.

Site: Dulwich Village stocks (1 memorial)

SE21, Calton Avenue

From East Dulwich Forum we learn that: the stone was originally attached to a now lost village lock-up: the original site was actually nearby, not exactly here; the stone was discovered and erected here in the 1970s; in 2015 there was a proposal to move the memorial to make way for a development.

We discovered the existence of this memorial at IanVisits.  That gives a link to British History Online which specifies where the stocks were originally placed but, without a better grasp of the topology of Dulwich, we can't interpret it.  IanVisits also provides a link to the Dulwich Society who have decoded the quotation - a biblical mash-up.

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Dulwich Village stocks

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Dulwich Village stocks

Sadly, our image does not show the Dulwich stocks, but some in Kent.

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