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Holy Trinity Clapham - Clapham Sect Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common

Plaque: Holy Trinity Clapham - Clapham Sect


Let us praise God. for the memory and example of all the faithfull departed who have worshipped in this church and especially for the below named servants of Christ some have called 'The Clapham Sect' who in the latter part of the XVIIIth and early part of the XIXth centuries laboured so abundantly for national righteousness and the conversion of the heathen, and rested not until the curse of slavery was swept away from all parts of the British Dominions.

{list of 10 names, see Subjects commemorated.}

"O God we have heard with our ears and our fathers have declared unto us, the noble works that Thou didst in their days and in the old time before them".

The damage on this plaque is the result of WW2 bombs.

Site: Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common (5 memorials)

SW4, Rookery Road, Clapham Common

The two plaques containing the list of WW1 names are in the porch at the west end, either side of the entrance.  The blue plaque to Wilberforce is also in the porch, above the door to the right.  The plaque to the Clapham Sect is on the right, south, side of the church; the plaque to Manor House School is on the left side.

Some amazing research work has been done on this and other Clapham memorials.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Holy Trinity Clapham - Clapham Sect

Information Subjects commemorated

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Abolition of slavery

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Clapham Sect

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Charles Grant

Anti-slavery campaigner.  Born Scotland.  Made a fortune working for the Brit...

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Zachary Macaulay

Anti-slavery campaigner. Born Scotland. Aged 16 emigrated to Jamaica and saw ...

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Holy Trinity Clapham - Clapham Sect

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