Gravestones in Launceston Place


{We can make out only a few words, left to right, on stones 2 and 5:}
Marjorie fell asleep 2 July 190? ....

Boo, an honest mare .....

Our researches have turned up just one clue, which may mean nothing: in John Fletcher's mid 17th century romantic comedy, ‘Women Pleased’, Act 4, Scene 2, there is a discussion about a Morris hobbyhorse in which Soto says “… His mother was an honest mare, and a mare of good credit ...”.

Site: Gravestones in Launceston Place (1 memorial)

W8, Launceston Place, 34

Our best guess is that this patch of ground was used as a pet and/or animal cemetery and that when it was prairie-landscaped these headstones were found and arranged in this row. The earliest Google Street View is 2008, when this patch contained a few more plants than it does now, in 2016, but it is already mainly hard-standing and one headstone can be seen.

More information very welcome.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Gravestones in Launceston Place

Subjects commemorated i

Pets - at least 5

These pets include Marjorie who died 2 July 190? and Boo, "an honest mare".

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