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Hurlingham Yacht Club Hurlingham Yacht Club

Memorial: Hurlingham Yacht Club


HMS Victory, Hurlingham Yacht Club, 1922, Dunkirk, D Day 1944.

1922 is the year that the Club took on its current name, though we don't know what it was previously called. We can't discover the connection with HMS Victory (depicted in the painting) nor D-Day. The club's website says that "some of our members took part at Dunkirk" so that, at least, is explained. Victory was built at Chatham, and surely has never come this far up the Thames.

Site: Hurlingham Yacht Club (1 memorial)

SW15, Deodar Road, 43a

To the right of the large painting is a rather old looking board which contains information about the Club and includes a defunct old web address for the club.  This one works (2015).  The board also says "A working boatyard since 1927."

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Hurlingham Yacht Club

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Hurlingham Yacht Club

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Hurlingham Yacht Club

From Hurlingham Yacht Club: "Our Hurlingham Yacht Club has had an interesting...

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