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Fortune Theatre - WC2 Fortune Theatre - WC2

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Plaque: Fortune Theatre - WC2


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Fortune Theatre. A 'jewel of a theatre' designed in the art deco style, and completed in 1924 on the site of the ancient Albion Tavern, haunt of actors and writers. This Fortune Theatre was named after the original in the Barbican where Shakespeare performed.

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Theatreland - heart of the performing arts in London, a joint venture by the City of Westminster and the Society of West End Theatre.

Site: Fortune Theatre - WC2 (2 memorials)

WC2, Russell Street

The SWET plaque is towards the left of the building.  The nude lady plaque is over at the right, near the corner. The grand entrance with the wooden doors leads to Crown Court Church of Scotland.

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Fortune Theatre - WC2

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Fortune Theatre - WC2

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Fortune Theatre - WC2

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