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Epstein at TUC Trade Union Building - Bloomsbury

Statue: Epstein at TUC

Erection date: 1958

This sculpture was commissioned for the building as a war memorial commemorating the sacrifices of trade unionists in the two world wars. Spike Magazine has photos giving the context of the sculpture and an interesting critique of its maintenance over the years.

From TUC: "The fourth side of the building consists of the memorial wall with its imposing work by Sir Jacob Epstein, carved on the spot from a single ten-ton block of Roman stone. A plaster maquette (or miniature) for the work is displayed in the Bevin Room next to the general secretary’s office. It differs from the final work in a number of important respects, most notably that the figure of the soldier carrying a wounded comrade has become a mother carrying her fallen son."

David McFall assisted Epstein with this sculpture.

Site: Trade Union Building - Bloomsbury (2 memorials)

WC1, Great Russell Street, Congress House

Head Office of the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

The building was designed by David du R Aberdeen and built in 1957 with a courtyard at the centre, open to the sky, holding the Epstein statue, visible from the cafe. c.2016 the courtyard was covered with a transparent roof.

C20 Society writes: "David Aberdeen (1913-1987) was not a prolific architect. His other main works are the Aircraft Assembly Buildings at Filton, Bristol, for which he was joint architect with Eric Ross, 1947-9, and the Swiss Centre in Leicester Square, 1961-8."

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Epstein at TUC

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Epstein at TUC

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Epstein at TUC

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