Edith Fletcher


{On plaque attached to the shaft of the cross outside the church:}
Pray for the soul of the donor, Edith Fletcher, who died July 14, 1921, Jesu Mercy.

Site: St George's Cathedral (3 memorials)

SE1, Lambeth Road

This church is the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St George, the seat of the Archbishop of Southwark. The building was designed by Augustus Pugin and opened in 1848. Later that year Pugin married his third wife in the building. There were never enough funds to build the towers and spire as designed by Pugin - the tower does not exist much above what our photo shows. Until Westminster Cathedral was opened in 1903 St George's was the centre of Catholic London.

Badly damaged in WW2 it was rebuilt 1953-8. Photos of the old church suggest that the "rebuild", certainly at this end, was more of a major repair job, keeping much of the old external walls, etc. The architect was the splendidly-named Romilly Craze, who specialised in repairing bomb-damaged churches. British Pathe have film of Bishop Amigo's 1949 funeral procession which shows the bombed-out cathedral.

It was surprisingly difficult to confirm our hunch that these two figures represent the Catholic martyrs, St Fisher and St More, but we finally found it at Archdiocese of Southwark. More on the left; Fisher on the right.


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Edith Fletcher

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Edith Fletcher

Donor to St George's Cathedral, Southwark.  From The Tablet 25 February 1922:...

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Edith Fletcher

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