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War Memorial at St Anne's Soho St Anne's Soho

Monument: War Memorial at St Anne's Soho


The glorious dead
1914 – 1918
{A list of 63 names in two columns in alphabetical sequence, except for Albert V. Box which is added at the end. See Subjects Commemorated for the list.}
Their name liveth for evermore.
{A further 20 names are carried on stones added to each side. No explanation is given but we assume these are the dead of WW2, also in the Subjects Commemorated list.}

Site: St Anne's Soho (4 memorials)

W1, Wardour Street, St Anne's Soho

In our photo the Williams plaque can be seen low on the left-facing wall.  The King of Corsica plaque is on the same wall, to the right.  The free-standing drinking fountain is on a shallow platform between the Williams plaque and the two people seated on the steps.  The war memorial is on the right-facing wall.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
War Memorial at St Anne's Soho

Information Subjects commemorated

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World War 1

We'd always assumed that this war was known as the Great War until WW2 came a...

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World War 2

Sorry, we've done no research on WW2, it's just too big a subject. But do vis...

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This section lists the other memorials at the same location as the memorial on this page:
War Memorial at St Anne's Soho

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David Williams

David Williams, 1738 - 1816, founder of The Royal Literary Fund, 1790, reside...

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George Allen drinking fountain

{Incised in the granite pillar:} Erected in memory of George Maule Allen of ...

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King of Corsica

The weather-worn stone above this plaque is, we guess, the original graveston...

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