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Charlton war memorial Charlton Village memorials

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Monument: Charlton war memorial
War Memorial

Erection date: 30/10/1920


{The 8 panels around the base of this memorial, numbered anti-clockwise, are inscribed as follows:

Panel 1:}
To the glorious memory of the men of Charlton who, in the great wars 1914 and 1939, gave their lives that we might live. Their names are recorded in the book of remembrance in St Luke's Church.

{Panels 2 - 7:}
{list of 209 names.

Panel 7:
the list of Army names finishes. Then:}
Royal Air Force
{list of 3 names

Panel 8:}
Royal Navy
{list of 26 names}
Royal Marines
{list of 3 names}
Merchant Service
{list of 4 names.}

{Below panel 7 there is a stone, inscribed:}
{list of 2 names.}

{Below panel 8 there is a stone, inscribed:}
Royal Navy
{1 name.}

{For all the names see Subjects commemorated.}

The lists(totalling 248 names) are all in alphabetical sequence except for the last 21 in the Army list. We note this because it indicates that the names were added late which to us suggests administrative error or a late notification of death – both sad reasons.

The stones below panels 7 and 8 give the years of birth and death for each name, confirming that these 3 servicemen were lost in WW2. The only other change necessary to this memorial, post-WW2, was the insertion of the text “, in the great wars 1914 and 1939,” into the first panel, either by a clever mason, or by the replacement of the whole panel.

We note that with 245 dead in WW1 Charlton suffered only 3 losses in WW2. This is confirmed by the Imperial War Museum page - surprising but we have no explanation.

Site: Charlton Village memorials (3 memorials)

SE7, Charlton Church Lane

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Charlton war memorial

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