Finsbury war monument

Erection date: 15/9/1921


{On the front, south-west face:}
{In lettering on the granite:}
Borough of Finsbury
In the name of God the most high and to enshrine in perpetual love and reverence the glorious memory of the men of this borough who in death made the supreme sacrifice for their King, their country and their kindred in the Great European War of 1914 - 1918.
This monument is erected by grateful fellow citizens in whose hearts the record of their comrades hardships and achievements in the cause of international humanity, freedom and justice will remain for ever ineffaceable and imperishable.
"Through trial to triumph"

{Below this is attached a brass plaque:}
In memory of those who fell in World War 2, 1939 - 1945.

{On the north-west face:}
[On a small plaque under a bronze relief:}
Finsbury Rifles attacking Gaza Tuesday 17th April 1917.

{In lettering on the granite at the bottom of the plinth:}
11th London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) battle fronts:
Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, France, Belgium.

{On the north-east face:}
{In gold lettering inscribed in a grey granite panel:}
These are they that went down to the sea in ships and did business in great waters. They have seen the works of the Lord and His wonders upon the deep and have reached their desired haven.

{Below this gold lettering is a small bronze plaque:}
Naval attack on Zeebrugge, St George's Day, Tuesday 23rd April 1918.

{On the south-east face:}
{In gold lettering below an aircraft propeller, inscribed in a grey granite panel:}
In memory of those who served and died in the Royal Flying Corps, 1914 - 1918.

{In lettering on the granite at the bottom of the plinth:}
Honourable Artillery Company battle fronts:
Egypt, Palestine, Italy, France, Belgium, Aden, Syria.

{Below this is attached a brass plaque with a coat of arms and:}
In memory of those members of the Honourable Artillery Company who lost their lives in the Second World War 1939 - 1945.

The statue represents winged Victory on orb, lightly draped and holding a laurel wreath in extended left hand. There are bronze crossed laurel branches on all four sides.

Originally there were 3 bronze relief plaques depicting battle scenes at Gaza, Piave and Zeebrugge. Gaza remains; the other 2 were stolen and have been replaced with the two grey granite inscription panels.

Site: Finsbury war monument (1 memorial)

EC1, Rosebery Avenue, Spa Green Garden

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Finsbury war monument

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Finsbury war monument

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Thomas Rudge

Active in 1921.  Probably the same Thomas Rudge at Ornamental Passions.

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