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Ladbroke Grove rail disaster - monument Ladbroke Grove rail disaster

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Monument: Ladbroke Grove rail disaster - monument

Erection date: 5/10/2001


{On the front face of the memorial:}
Dedicated to the memory of the 31 people who lost their lives as a result of the Ladbroke Grove rail disaster that occurred at eleven minutes past eight on the morning of Tuesday 5 October 1999.

{On the other three faces of the memorial:}
The names and ages of the thirty-one victims (see Commemorated subjects)

{On a small plaque at the base of the memorial:}
Beneath this monument lie buried the ashes of Bryan Tompson born 17.1.1938. 

Site: Ladbroke Grove rail disaster (2 memorials)

W10, Canal Way

The Sainsbury's plaques are on the wall to the right of the large bush in the centre of the photograph.

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Ladbroke Grove rail disaster - monument

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Ladbroke Grove rail disaster - monument

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