Aboliton of slavery - SE1

Abolition of slavery - SE1 Aboliton of slavery - SE1

{The statue stands at one end of a long composite stone slab inlaid with a decorative white metal shape, spelling out:}
From our rich ancestral life

{A small plaque reads:}
All the world is now richer
Memorial sculpture to commemorate the abolition of slavery.
The First Man is the first in a series of six figures. the bronze figure of The First Man is sited on a plinth of words; "From our Rich ancestral life
Another five works are being planned, with the idea that they might be considered for Burgess Park. They are; Plantation Worker, Caribebean Woman, Serra Leonean Woman, Business Man and Man in a T-shirt. The plinth words for these figures are:-
We were sold, bought and used
But we were brave
We were strong
We survived
All the world is now richer"

Artist Sokari Douglas Camp CBE

Site: Abolition of slavery - SE1 (1 memorial)

SE1, Potters Fields

We photographed this statue in September 2012 and it was gone by March 2014.

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Aboliton of slavery - SE1

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Abolition of slavery

The British abolition of slavery came in two parts: first the Abolition of th...

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Aboliton of slavery - SE1

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Sokari Douglas Camp

Nigerian-born. Moved to England where she attended school. A Southwark reside...

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