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William Shakespeare

Person  Male  Born 23/4/1564  Died 23/4/1616

Born and died in Stratford-upon-Avon. His birth date is often given as the 23rd, the same date as his death, but all that is actually known is that he was baptised 3 days later, on the 26th. Even his date of death seems a little uncertain. The 23rd also happens to be St George's Day, for the patron saint of England. Neat.

We have found 21 other people who died on their birthdays, notable amongst them: Sidney Bechet, Sir Otto Beit, John Harrison, George Morris (aged 6), Captain Oates, Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, Edward Maufe.

Londonist have researched Shakespeare's 4 known London addresses.

2021: We had to change the image on this page because new information had come to light. The Guardian reported: "The effigy above his grave in Holy Trinity church in Stratford-upon-Avon was thought to have been installed several years after his death in 1616 and, as a posthumous memorial, not an actual likeness. .... But new research has found that the bust was in fact modelled from life by a sculptor who knew him."

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