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Transport for London / London Transport

Group  From 1933 

Categories: Industry, Transport

This organisation has been a bit of a political football, often having its name changed, as follows:
1902 - 1933 Underground Electric Railways Company of London
1933 - 1948 London Passenger Transport Board
then a variety of Executives and Boards, then:
1984 - 2000 London Regional Transport
2000 - Transport for London, which includes London Underground Ltd (LUL).

But, keeping it simple, 1933 -2000 it was popularly known as London Transport, and now as TfL.

The early underground lines were developed separately by private companies. The American Charles Yerkes was the force that began bringing them together into an integrated system. Another man with strong American roots, Lord Ashfield, was Chair from 1910 - 1947.

LUL, set up in 1985, is the managing company of the rail transit system serving Greater London and its inner suburbs. It incorporates the oldest section of underground railway in the world and carries more than one billion passengers a year. The company's trains serve some 270 stations through a network of about 250 miles of track.

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Transport for London / London Transport

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Transport for London / London Transport

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