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Building  From /5/1951  To 1952

Categories: Sculpture

The picture source is the website for a group campaigning to rebuild the Skylon. "In 1951, London's skyline was transformed, as part of the Festival of Britain, by the erection of one of the most striking structures ever built in this country: the Skylon. The Skylon was a 300 ft tower - an architectural and engineering marvel designed by two young architects Jacko Moya and Philip Powell still in their twenties, of Powell and Moya Architects. The architects' design was made structurally elegant and minimal by the brilliant engineer Felix Samuely. With a base 40 feet from the ground and the top nearly 300 feet high - the Skylon was more sculpture than building: it was part Zeppelin, part-rocket, part-minaret, and floated like an up-ended airship above the South Bank."

2019: Londonist tells that when dismantled immediately the Festival finished the metal from the Slylon was used for ceremonial paper knives and watches. Who doesn't want one of those?

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